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Rock and Roll Part Three

Kung Fu

Ozma will never be accused of being too original or groundbreaking. Rock and Roll Part Three is an embarrassingly horrible Weezer rip off, complete with Rivers Cuomo soundalike articulation of specific syllables. It is truly incredible that anyone, or any group of people, for that matter, could produce such a horribly plagiarized bunch of songs with a straight face.

In the liner notes, Ozma thank, among others, Weezer and The Get Up Kids. It is fairly obvious that the members of Ozma’s love for these bands goes too far with this record. I try to imagine the bands members in their practice space… (cue harps and airbrushed outline of screen) “Hey guys, check this out! If I take the verse chords from “Falling For You,” rearrange the last two, and play them a tad slower, we can claim it as ours!” Look of glee fills the faces of Ozma members. “If only Rivers could hear us, he’d be very impressed, for sure!”

Needless to say, Weezer fans should buy this record; it is actually a much better Weezer record than the “green album” they just put out. It’s essentially Pinkerton-era Weezer with the Moog keyboards turned up and a lot more of the female “oohs” and “ahhhs” that can be found on The Rentals first record.

Kung Fu Records, 1452 Cornell, North Canton, OH 44720

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