• The Sleeping Flies

    You Are Superior (Kindercore / Electric Watusi Boogaloo). Review by Stein Haukland.

  • The Sunshine Fix

    Matt Cibula talks with The Bill Doss, co-founder of Olivia Tremor Control, as he discusses his new group, The Sunshine Fix, and their upcoming album Age of the Sun — not to mention Buddy Ebsen.

  • Dean Quixote

    The Soundtrack to the Film… (spinART). Review by Jason Plender.

  • Kindercore Presents: Expo 2000 Athens

    Expo 2000 Athens, featuring Josh Bloom, the Parcels, the Marble Index, Je Suis France, Seasick Crocodile, the Wee Turtles, I Am the World Trade Center, Velma, Easy, Sleeping Flies, Eight Track Gorilla, Japancakes, Kincaid, Babalu, Tullycraft, Kings Of Convenience, Masters of the Hemisphere, the Essex Green, Of Montreal, From Bubblegum to Sky, the Four Corners, VHS Or Beta, From U 2 S, N 2 Her, Electronic Watusi Boogaloo, DJ Daniel Collas, Taking Robots to the Prom, Summer Hymns, Marshmallow Coast, Junior Varsity, Dressy Bessy, Birdie, the Sunshine Fix. August 8-12 at various venues throughout Athens, GA. Event review and photos by Andrew Chadwick.

  • Olivia Tremor Control

    Black Foliage: Animation Music (Flydaddy). Review by Matthew Moyer

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