• Man Of Steel

    Man Of Steel

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Russell Crowe! Resident Superman historian Steve Stav asserts that the Man of Steel winds up playing second fiddle to his super-dad.

  • Cinderella Man

    Cinderella Man

    Step aside, Sly — Russell Crowe gives another Oscar-caliber performance as he quietly takes on all comers as boxing legend Jim Braddock. Director Ron Howard’s latest hero of choice is no two-legged Seabiscuit or Apollo Creed-ducking Rocky; he’s just a man determined to feed his family at all costs.
    Our man at ringside, Steve Stav, tallies his scorecard on this week’s main event, Cinderella Man.

  • A Beautiful Mind

    The story of Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Nash’s struggle with schizophrenia, A Beautiful Mind won four Golden Globes, and is the subject of major Oscar buzz. Troy Jewell ponders whether the film deserves the hype.

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