• Small Town Punk

    John L. Sheppard’s darkly funny take on life as a disaffected teen in early-’80s west central Florida, Small Town Punk hits pretty close to home for Tampa native Julio Diaz…

  • Razorcake

    Matthew Moyer takes an in-depth look at the fourth issue of the bastard offspring of the legendary Flipside, Razorcake, and finds a kindred spirit.

  • Synthetic Bi Products

    Intensely personal and disturbingly familiar, Sparrow L. Patterson’s debut novel, Synthetic Bi Products follows a tough teen bisexual girl from the suburbs of Chicago through an early ’90s downward spiral of sex, drugs, and shoplifting. Julio Diaz can relate.

  • The Selby Tigers

    Though they get compared to bands as disparate as Devo, the Dillinger Four, X, and Bikini Kill, the St. Paul-based punk rock band the Selby Tigers actually have a sound all their own. Sean Carswell cornered the band while they were stranded in Cocoa Beach on their recent tour, and spoke with Arzu, Dave, and Nathan about their music, third party politics, and movies with dwarves.

  • Free the West Memphis Three

    In 1993, three boys were tried and convicted for murder — not based on physical evidence, but on the grounds that they were ‘Satanists’ because they listened to heavy metal and read books by Stephen King. Despite a national outcry and an Academy Award-winning documentary on the case, the boys are still in prison. Supersuckers’ frontman Eddie Spaghetti put together a compilation to help Free the West Memphis Three, and recently discussed the compilation and the case with Sean Carswell.

  • Swingin’ Utters

    I first listened to this album in my truck with the windows down, in thick, f…

  • Youth Brigade

    Hard to believe it’s been 18 years since the seminal documentary Another State of Mind made Youth Brigade a favorite among punk rockers. The Stern brothers have kept both the band and their indie label, BYO, going for all this time. Sean Carswell met up with Shawn Stern to discuss the past, present, and future of BYO, Youth Brigade, and punk rock.

  • No More Prisons

    This album was released in conjunction with Stress magazine, which is …

  • Dillinger Four

    I couldn’t wait for this album to come out. I’ve listened to Dillinger Four’s…

  • The Nobodys

    The Nobodys at the State Theater, St. Petersburg, FL, July 15, 2000. Concert review by Sean Carswell.

  • History Through Osmosis

    OK, we all know that the public education system in America today sucks, but do you know why? Sean Carswell does, and offers you an insider’s view from both sides of the desk.

  • Beauty Smacking Me Upside the Head

    Some people wouldn’t know beauty if it smacked them upside the head. Thankfully, Sean Carswell isn’t one of them — when he got hit by a car while riding his bike, he found the beauty in the situation.

  • Waiting For Thor

    Sean Carswell examines the systematic pillaging of Indian (or Native American, if you prefer) spirituality by the New Age set and the hypocrisy of organized religion.

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