• The Weathered Underground

    The Weathered Underground

    This new interactive film allows you to choose the path of Eric, a young pizza delivery man. Carl F Gauze is softly cursing himself for continuously cheating on his Choose Your Own Adventure books, many years ago.

  • Give Our Regards To The Atomsmashers!

    Give Our Regards To The Atomsmashers!

    Sean Howe’s Give Our Regards To The Atomsmashers! is the latest in a series of recent books that examine how comic books are received and perceived by critics, fans and children of all ages. Rob Levy spoke with editor Sean Howe via email and in person at San Diego’s Comic-Con about the book, his work and of course, his love for comics.

  • Lit


    Lit (DRT / Nitrus / Dirty Martini). Review by Sir Millard Mulch.

  • Equilibrium

    Take your meds. Shut your mouth. Watch Christian Bale kick major ass. James Mann tries to maintain Equilibrium.

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