Strikeforce Diablo

Strikeforce Diablo

Strikeforce Diablo


Someone said “Yeah, they’re good, but Gus was better.” Someone else said “Maybe, but Gus never put out a CD.” Point well made. Strikeforce Diablo is the union of members of Gainesville’s Tired From Now On and Gainesville-by-way-of-Miami’s Gus, possibly my favorite Florida band ever. SD sounds a bit like the DC inspired rock of Gus, but from a heavier perspective. The members of this band currently run Gainesville’s main punk venue, the Hardback Café, so they rarely played out of town. They called it quits a few months ago, which makes this is a pretty good document of what those of us who don’t call Gainesville home missed while they were together. Nifty packaging and design. Schematics Records, no address provided

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