• Coup d’Etat

    Coup d’Etat

    The third movie in Yoshishige Yoshida’s unofficial trilogy on Japanese radicalism and his most accessible to modern western viewers.

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  • Die Alps!
    Die Alps!

    Die Alps! blowout popular Tampa hangout New World Brewery one last time, as a record release party for their long awaited full length. Bob Pomeroy was in on the action.

  • Blondie and Garbage
    Blondie and Garbage

    Blondie and Garbage bring their Rage and Rapture Tour to Orlando, and Jen Cray is in heaven.

  • Elf Power
    Elf Power

    Veteran alt-rockers keep heads bouncing at Cincinnati’s alt-treasure roadhouse the Motr Pub.

  • Foreigner and Cheap Trick
    Foreigner and Cheap Trick

    Bursting with non-stop hits, the classic rock triple-threat package tour attracted thousands (and thousands) of dedicated South Florida fans.

  • Cindy Wilson
    Cindy Wilson

    Co-founding B-52s singer / songwriter Cindy Wilson delivers an impressive and intimate Orlando club performance.

  • Styx and REO Speedwagon
    Styx and REO Speedwagon

    Three of rock’s most iconic 70s brands united recently in Tampa, FL for a night of non-stop, fist-pumping classics. Christopher Long was, of course, there.

  • Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That…
    Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That…

    Brief looks at new releases, ’cause ain’t nobody got time in this heat for more!

  • Phantogram

    Phantogram were stars in Orlando along with Tycho and Heathered Pearls.

  • Washed Out
    Washed Out

    Washed Out wash over Orlando and Jen Cray is swept away on the acid wave.

  • Vans Warped Tour 2017
    Vans Warped Tour 2017

    The Vans Warped Tour is as much a summertime tradition as vacation flings, sunburns, and losing your bathing suit at the beach for music fans of all ages, Jen Cray among them.

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  • Return of the Dapper Men
    Return of the Dapper Men

    A deliciously mysterious book for children of all ages, including you.

  • Surfside Girls – The Secret of Danger Point
    Surfside Girls – The Secret of Danger Point

    Two young girls turn their love of surf into a mysterious adventure complete with ghosts, pirates and romance in this beautifully illustrated young adult book.

  • Spettacolo

    Generoso and Lily Fierro take a look at Jeff Malmberg & Chris Shellen new documentary Spettacolo.

  • Eros + Massacre
    Eros + Massacre

    A three hour art film about unconventional relations in 1920’s Japan offers wonderful visuals providing you have the patience to endure the story.

  • Sh*t My President Says
    Sh*t My President Says

    Shannon Wheeler illustrates Trumps tweets to try and give context to the social media missives of the polarizing individual.

  • Heroic Purgatory
    Heroic Purgatory

    A confusing and idiosyncratic movie about a communist cell in 1950’s Japan and where they ended up in 1970.

  • Monster Hunt
    Monster Hunt

    Gender reversal and icky-cute CGI monsters make this a kid’s film adults will enjoy.

  • The Zodiac Killer
    The Zodiac Killer

    Filmed to capitalize on the then-current Zodiac Killer stalking San Francisco, Tom Hanson’s low budget film was first on the scene.

  • The Story of Sin
    The Story of Sin

    A pious young Polish girl falls from grace and becomes the most potent sex symbol of Gilded Age France.

  • Starlight

    A struggling circus in rural England suffers through emotional turmoil, jealousy and attempted murder in this gorgeous art film.


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