The Januaries

The Januaries

The Januaries


Debbie Diamond’s sexy, silky, stripped down vocal wisps and wails through an always engaging ever changing arrangement of songs. Start with a blend of the Sundays and 10,000 Maniacs, then add a new millennium of energy and exploration.

A French horn, cello, trumpet (maybe muted), trancy synth, string bass, electric piano, delicately picked acoustic guitar, or piano among many other flavors wind their way through this collection of sometimes wild sometimes relaxing songs. Sure, there’s a regular band under there supporting their colorful prancing compositions as they all just skip playfully through the rock, and seem to rock right through the playground. With a motorized merry-go-round and power swings. And a dreamy dab of Vaseline around the edge of the lens.

“If you wanna come home with me, better pick up some chocolate and strawberries,” she breathily lilts to us. Meet you in the produce and candy sections of the store.

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