Far Out Records and Friends

Far Out Records and Friends

’97 Sampler

Far Out

This is a great CD comp of ska-punk, punk and pop-punk showcasing the efforts of three labels: Far Out, Records of Rebellion, and Pop Kid. There’s unreleased stuff from Bingomut (yay!), Beltones, and The One Eyed Kings, as well as classic released songs by Against All Authority, Sam The Butcher, Hudson, The Crumbs, Fruity, Plan A Project, The Basicks, The Pist, Playground, Gan, Marble, Porcelain Boys, and Keepsake. A variety of music, from abrasive yet catchy punk-ska to more pop-influenced material. A nice introduction but also worth it for the unreleased stuff. $4 postpaid from Far Out Records, P.O. Box 14361, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33302

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