The Undead

The Undead

Dawn of the Undead

Post Mortem

With the resurrection of the Misfits hitting the USA pretty much full-force last summer, there’s been much the buzz regarding former Misfits guitarist, Bobby Steele. As the hip punk historian knows, Bobby formed the Undead somewhere in 1981 and began recording albums and touring, playing his rockabilly-tinged, horror-movie-inspired punk rock all over the country. Now, for those fans who simply didn’t pick up the self-produced records Act Your Rage or any of the 45s a million years ago, Dawn of the Undead contains the full ten-years’ worth of Undead recordings.

Just 22 songs? Well, there’s a story behind that, which you’ll have to read in the excellently-crafted liner notes! Also, I caught the Undead (Bobby Steele backed by members of the Independents) recently and they were playing a lot of new material and a couple of old Misfits tunes, so a new album may be out soon.

Nevertheless, Dawn of the Undead represents the work of a man who literally refused to die on more than one occasion, and is a serious piece of punk rock history. Included are snarly punk rock songs like “I Want You Dead,” “Gimmie Your Autograph,” “When the Evening Comes,” “Nightmare,” and “Misfit.” Post Mortem Records, P.O. Box 358, New Milford, NJ 07646;

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