kill the night

Amphetamine Reptile

Nothing but pain, sorrow, ennui, and other problems. “Severance Denied” is a perfect example of a lowercase song. It’s an allegory for dealing with some sort of argument between lovers. Or something like that. This music is so depressing. It drones on and on and on. Repetition, just awful pain and sorrow. Then there’s slow screaming, as the rage builds up through the argument and all you want to is not go to jail for killing this person who will not leave your house! I reckon that’s behind “neurasthenia.” If you really want to be depressed, I mean really want to be depressed, this is just the thing. Life can’t be that bad, folks, you finished this album. Amphetamine Reptile, 2645 First Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55408

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