Yoko Love

Yoko Love

Who’s Your Daddy?


You savvy, cutting-edge readers who are on the lookout for “next big thing,” take note: Yoko Love may just be the ticket.

Fusing funk with rap, jazz, and rock seems to be the sound d’jour lately, but Yoko Love combine them with a brilliance only a few groups can ever hope to achieve. Perhaps most amazing is the fact they have been playing together for only a year. The trio successfully dip into the best elements of 311, Rage Against the Machine, and the Beastie Boys, without sounding like a rip-off band. They feature several songs that sound better than the groups they emulate.

Yoko Love have made quite a name for themselves playing extensively in their native Arizona, but some recent east coast gigs are helping spread the word. A recent surf expo show in NC was met with great reviews.

From the minute “Ballsack,” the first song, begins, you know these guys got it goin’ on. Who’s Your Daddy? is void of any preaching or droning. The sweet funky backbeats and vocals blend with each other like hip & hop, rock & roll (well, you get the point). Yoko Love possesses the talent and sound to move onward and upward. Keep your eyes (and ears) open. Epiphany Records, 1303 W 21st Street, Tempe, AZ 85282; epiprec@getnet.com

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