Two Weeks Too Late


Unfortunately, the title of this record is a slight misnomer. Two Weeks Too Late is actually a few months later than that. After a short but incredibly popular stint on Florida’s East Coast, culminating in landing a track (“Cock ‘n’ Balls”) on Moon’s Skarmageddon 3 comp, Stizzle broke up last year. This posthumous release does a great job of showing what they were all about and why they were so popular.

For me, the most fun tracks on the record are the poppy ska-punk tunes. Tracks like “Just Another,” “Paper or Plastic,” and especially “Sweet Potato,” wouldn’t necessarily be out of place on a Less Than Jake record, although they are quite a bit harder than your average LTJ track. Other tracks are straight-ahead hardcore, like the Dead Kennedys-esque “I Spit on Myself.” Even more interesting, though, are the tracks that go to both extremes in one song, like “I Don’t Understand” and “Galaga,” managing to be both mosh- and skank-worthy within the course of about two minutes flat! Amusing ska-core covers of Screeching Weasel’s “Three Sides” and Quiet Riot’s “Cum on Feel the Noize” round out a fun disc that is sure to please fans of bands like the Suicide Machines. Adding to the fun are the bilingual lyrics, so you can shout along in Spanish or English! The real strength is the strong melodic sound that will get these tunes stuck in your head. It sneaks up on you after a few listens!

Listening to this record, it’s not hard to imagine a bunch of sweaty kids going nuts, moshing and skanking in a small, crowded room while Stizzle tears up the stage. Sadly, those days are no more, but with Two Weeks Too Late, at least the memories can be cherished. No reason you can’t invite a few friends over and start a pit in the living room! Boxcar Records, P.O. Box 1141, Melbourne, FL 32902;

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