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None Of The Above

I get contacted by a lot of enthusiastic bands over the Internet. Some of them send me their material and it is usually lackluster to not too bad. This one however makes sitting through countless numbers of CD’s worth it! This is a great NY hardcore band. They do not imitate the classic New York style (i.e. Agnostic Front, etc.) but rather combine the best elements of the old style with a new style all their own. The music is fast-paced, frustration-laced while not afraid to exercise a healthy sense of humor. If that is not enough for you, then go to the hidden track and think of the Go-Go’s. When you are done, write to these guys so that you can get their album, you won’t be disappointed. If your local DJ doesn’t have a copy of this, then write away to him/her and give them this address. Then tell them to play the song “Who Asked You?” None Of The Above Music, P.O. Box 654, Farminville, NY 11738; http://www.noneoftheabove.com

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