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Front 242

Mutage, Mixage

RRE/ Play It Again Sam

This collection of remixes is finally available to the consumer, and reflects Front 242’s past moments in the sun. Much of the material presented has only been pressed on vinyl, or has been altogether unreleased. Exclusive mixes by the crucially-overlooked Underworld, two from The Prodigy, and three from the Orb sweeten the allure of this startling and in some ways beautiful compilation. In recent years 242 has kept a low profile, but their influence on contemporary artists shouln’t be considered a mere tribute. After all, unlike 808 State, who refused to commission their works for remixes, 242’s contributions have only helped to further redefine current tastes and standards. Very listenable and of interest to fans, Mutage, Mixage will add to the Front’s groundbreaking catlogue.

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