The Stentors

The Stentors

Off the Slide


A three-piece punk rock band from Sierra Leone, New York, formerly known as the four-piece garage rockers, the Nematodes, one of whose guitarists split to form the Dynoflagellates, a noise/house band. Off the Slide includes a few Nematodes’ songs (“Hands Off My Ascaris,” “Army of Rotifers”) which should please their fans, who had been waiting for a new Nematodes’ album.

The Stentors seemed to have moved away from the more gritty, under-produced garage rock, as the music on Off the Slide is less gritty, over-produced punk rock. That it is overproduced takes nothing away from the glories punk melodies on songs like “Orgy of the Mastigophorans,” “Binary Fission,” and “Clean My Euglena, Baby.” The album’s hit, “Vorticella of Love,” has made it to commercial radio, and most likely will propel the Stentors to some limited, yet well-deserved, commercial success. Aschelmenthes Records, 41 Trypanosome Street, New Yuck, NY 20015

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