The Ton-Ups

The Ton-Ups

The Ton-Ups

Mother West

This great debut is loaded with bone-jarring power pop guitars and wild vocals. The Ton-Ups are full of rip-roaring energy, a cross between the world-dominating slash guitars of Link Wray and the vocal energy of the Fleshtones. They balance low-fi humor with full-on blasts of vocal harmonies and great power chords throughout the album, but the two stand-out songs are “Country Girl” and “Rock and Roll Stooge.” These two bring out visions of crazy moonshine parties, where everyone wears black leather, sideburns and big boots, except the ladies, who disrobe once they get into the groove.

“Bonify Me” is another absolute grooving guitar pop onslaught that I simply had to crank, over and over again! Listen to me: if you’re thinking of starting a band, find out where the Ton-Ups picked up their chops. This is high-energy rock and roll! Mother West Records, 132 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001.

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