Arto Lindsay

Arto Lindsay

Noon Chill


Has Arto Lindsay become too subtle for his own good? The guitarist/vocalist, who uses slight dissonance to great effect, has a soft voice, a gentle touch on the guitar, and (lately) a predilection for Brazilian and Afro-Cuban arrangements and atmospheres. In addition, lyrics are often out of focus, recognizable with allowance for error. Despite all of this, Noon Chill refuses to be content in the background, easily catching your attention with one detail or another as you try to combine its laid-back sway with the sound of everyday activity.

Noon Chill is a logical extension of Lindsay’s past work, emerging from complete immersion in Brazilian and illbient genres with something that seamlessly blends a Carnaval atmosphere with the most arctic chill room, a smoky jazz haze, and a distant frantic jungle beat, as if you were standing in the street outside of all four clubs. Intelligent and experimental without being difficult to comprehend, Noon Chill is another interesting milestone in Lindsay’s highway. Bar/None Records, P.O. Box 1704, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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