Naftule’s Dream

Naftule’s Dream

Search for the Golden Dreydl


I’m not the foremost authority on Klezmer music, despite my Ashkenazi heritage, but I do know what I like. So while this may be dull and unimaginative in relation to other Klezmer offerings out there (I doubt it), it’s pretty fascinating stuff to these untrained ears.

You can’t really appreciate good clarinet playing until you’ve tried to play the instrument yourself. Glenn Dickson’s style is incomparable, and nothing short of jaw-dropping. Batting phrases about like Abbot and Costello swapped puns, making his instrument laugh uncontrollably one minute and cry inconsolably the next, Dickson serves as the fulcrum for the band’s musical excursions. Staying mostly on the instrumental side, Search for the Golden Dreydl nonetheless manages convey a wealth of emotion in its span. Most outstanding is the title track, a piece that sounds like a marching band composed of ska and polka masters, conducted by Danny Elfman. Dance around the room one more time… Tzadik Records, 61 E. Eighth St., Suite 126, New York, NY 10003

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