Steve Stoll

Steve Stoll

The Blunted Boy Wonder

Nova Mute

This guy’s been composing technologically derived music for years having scored an underground hit with “Reciproheat,” which is included on TBBW. Stoll’s sound takes the harder, faster route and fills in the details of his excursions with spatial effects to bolster the urgency of each track. It’s evident on almost all of the twelve cuts that he’s into the trance in a big way. I’m kind of surprised that only one of the tracks has completely blown me away, “Mosquito.” It’s an awesome four on the floor trancer that has gyrated it’s way into my brain. Believe me when I say that this song should not be missed. Most of all, I still find myself hungry to mix some of these songs with some goa /flouro, and dare I admit it? pro house! With discs such as this, I usually find myself coming back to it and only then do I rediscover the album’s latent message and beauty. Pure glowstick mayhem best suited to candyravers and juvenile delinquents of any age. Endorsed and field tested by yours truly.

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