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eMedia Guitar Method 2

Instructional CD-ROM (Mac/Win)


The eMedia Guitar Method 2 is an extremely comprehensive tutorial for those wishing to learn to play guitar. Though the medium of CD-ROM is ideal for self-instruction, it’s rare to see someone use the level of foresight and planning that eMedia has on here. Starting with the extreme basics (the different types of guitars, how to string and tune your instrument), the program quickly proceeds to basic one-note leads and corresponding stringed-instrument techniques like pull-offs and trills. Chording and rhythm guitar are presented next (though briefly), and the rest of the program does well to alternate and integrate between the two modes.

What distinguishes eMedia Guitar Method 2 is its use of technology. Audio and video clips abound, you can record yourself for future playback (a great learning tool!) and the program gives you options, like choosing between tablature and musical notation, that more traditional courses simply can’t offer. It also boasts features like a built-in guitar tuner, metronome, and one of the most extensive chord dictionaries I’ve seen in a long time. Written in SuperCard, the whole thing is easy to navigate and operate, and the only excuse for not knowing how to play basic guitar at the end of the sixty lessons here is your own lazy ass.

The method is definitely not for everyone. If you already know how to play guitar and are looking for something that will make you shred, this is not it. However, if you just got a guitar for your birthday, and are looking to get started on the road to the stage, this disc is for you. eMedia Corporation, 2403 East Aloha St., Seattle, WA 98112;

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