Tribune Tribute

Ink Nineteen–

I was chuckling pretty loudly as I read the Tampa Tribunes’s “article” on “raving.” I almost wet my pants laughing when I saw their “crime scene” photo with your June issue. About the only thing funnier than that was your response to the whole situation. Good job – about time someone called that idiot rag on their slanted reporting.

Thomas Franklin

Largo, Florida

Dear Corrupters of Youth:

I don’t know if you noticed, but that story in the Tampa Tribune which featured a photo of your magazine was written by three interns. I don’t know what kind of a newspaper assigns cover stories to interns; obviously not a very good one. FYI, the Tribune have gone out of their way to raise everyone’s hackles over this “problem,” and that story is only the latest incident in a long string of inappropriate journalism. Though I feel badly that your publication was slandered, I’m glad to see you bringing up the weaknesses with the Tribune’s method of operation to your readers.

Edward Stryczinsky

Tampa, Florida

Thank you, Raymonde


I just wanted to thank you for sharing the Simon Raymonde interview. It’s always great to hear from one of the Twins. Although the break up is devastating to us fans, it’s always interesting to see what comes out of their individual careers. Thanks again for a great job.


Jacksonville, Florida

A Girl’s Gotta…

Dear Gail–

I loved your article about female publicists [“A Girl’s Gotta Make a Living,” August 1998]. As a rock columnist and photographer, I regularly deal with mostly female publicists, trying to get photo passes, interviews, press kits, etc. Some are wonderful, couldn’t be more helpful! I owe my whole rock writing career to the good ones. The other ones, for whom I have a few choice, unprintable, words, are good at telling me “Sorry, we’re only giving press to the larger markets” and having me drive a hundred miles or so only to find that nobody knows anything about my photo pass!! I had always thought I wanted to be a publicist someday, but your article definitely made me think twice! Thank you for covering a seldom written about subject so well!

By the way, publicists could never be called “Glorified Groupies” as often as we female rock photographers are! We get that at every shoot!

Alice Barkwell

Columbus, Georgia

Light Noise

Mr. Moyer–

There’s something strange going on. Why is one of the funniest things I’ve read all year a record review? I never expected to laugh out loud while reading your Gary Numan review [White Noise, August 1998] but that’s exactly what I did. Thanks for amusing someone else who realizes there’s more to Numan than “Cars”!

Charles Driekl

via e-mail

Not his type…


How come reading Ink Nineteen is the visual equivalent to carrying a conversation in a bar? Come on! Boost that type size!

Josh Tafton

Marietta, Georgia

Josh – Sorry you have to squint. It’s about the only way we can fit in all those reviews.

Dance, I said!

This is an open letter to all the industry people who make a living hawking techno dance music. Yo! People, where the hell are all the real underground lablels? We want to review and /or feature the artists who are blowing up now.

The reason that we don’t see these things happen is that we simply don’t hear about them. Someone isn’t doing their job. On a related note, I don’t have a fraction of the resources and can still throw a free party for three days without the help of anyone in the business. I don’t think anyone with a sincere interest would want to read a review or feature of an artist once the majors take over – by then, it’s been watered down and bent to the submisssion of some balding mutherfuckers whose job it was to stir up a cloud of hype about the latest dance trend. Please give it to us straight or not at all.

Thank you.

Richard Thurston ◼

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