Electro Breakz

Electro Breakz

Volume 4


This collection could reunite a detached leg to its corresponding socket, look narcissistically upon a broken mirror, hoist a skirt over a firm ass, evaporate tears of sorrow, reel in the big one, rape the naïve, intermarry between races. Electro Breakz rolls old skool breakbeats with sprinkles of fragrant synths and fresh tweaks for one hell of a Streetbeat fatty! Dominater, God bless him or her, has compiled the likes of Euthanasia, Toxik Twins, Dastrix, Brownie, Star & Gart, Earthtribe, Slab and many more infectious trip hop artists. Get moving or I breakz your neck… Pandisc Music Corporation, 6157 NW 167th Street, Suite F-9, Miami, FL 33015; http://www.streetbeatrecords.com

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