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Big Lion on cover, band name is “Narnia,” do they credit C.S. Lewis? Yes! Right there! They’re Lewis freaks! Not only that, but this is Swedish metal. But it’s anti-Swedish Swedish metal! These dudes aren’t wearing makeup and dressed in black! They’re God-fearing Jesus Christ lovers! The church fires yet may go out! (That’s Norway… yeah, but Harold Bluetooth was a Viking who… oh, never mind the history of the Christianizing Scandinavia… )

Narnia play powerful, thrashing speed metal with articulate, rich vocals. This two-piece metal band, incorporating an array of programmable instruments, manages to play some hard-charging, headbanging metal that’s praises the Almighty — diametrically opposed to what the more well-known Swede bands are playing.

“Time of Changes,” is an astute summary of Daniel and Revelation: the papers are full of wars, rumors of wars, hatred, etc. And it will be cleansed by fire. “The Awakening” and “No More Shadows From the Past” are heavy metal invitations to accept Christ and be born-again, something that probably put a price on the band’s head in their homeland, but, the next time He’ll return with a sword…

Narnia see their music as a way to glorify God as the author of all things, including heavy metal. The appeal of this album is both in the explicitness of their beliefs and the power of their brand of metal. Try it out, especially fans of bands like Saxon. Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA 19106;

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