Burning Man

Burning Man

Flash Back


This is the ideal introduction to the festival that has come to be known as Burning Man. Filmed at Burning Man ’97, this “experiential” documentary guides the viewer through the social catacombs of this impulsive festival, an otherwise literal playground for the week-long gathering.

Held annually over the labor day weekend deep in the heart of the Black Rock Desert, a caravan of uninhibited travelers and revelers emerge from their respective cities to celebrate this “New American Holiday.” Anything goes and in the process it seems to all come out as everybody goes off. What initially seems like a pseudo-pagan attempt at ritualizing the gatherers eventually unravels into a series of participatory events. Everything from “Fash-un Shows” to hands-on theme camps, wild exhibitions of technology and antiquity, car shows and various water rides are offered to guests and participants. Each year the festival adopts a theme; `97’s was Fertility and as you can imagine it got pretty wild. Truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard of. I’m already making plans for Burning Man ’99. Stellar Studios, 8009 N. Ola Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604

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