Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music

with Ann Beretta, Hankshaw

Hardback Cafe, Gainesville • August 28, 1998

“So I guess a lot of you heard a rumor about us breaking up… ” And thus started what most of us thought would be the final Hot Water Music show, but instead will be another in a series of classic shows by emo’s hottest ticket. The show was recorded for posterity, so look for a CD coming someday soon. The spectacle started with Ann Beretta playing the kind of energetic show we all know they are capable of playing. The main highlight was the now classic “Forever Family” with everyone chanting along to the chorus. Hankshaw happened to be in town and threw together a quick 4-song set which was too short but well-received and enjoyed by all in attendance. The coup de grace was, of course, Hot Water Music. The Hardback cafe holds roughly 200 people — apparently that is 200 small Asian women on crash diets. Two hundred people slammed in and made it really hard for anyone to breathe. Somehow I managed and even sang along for the first few songs. The show was HWM at its finest, great songs, energy and background vocals provided by anyone within a city block who had vocal chords and a will to use them. What songs did they play? Pretty much all of them. No, really. After a few songs I had to leave, the combination of heat and angry stares from the nearly 300 people turned away at the door got to me, so I walked out for some fresh air and liquids. To sum up, let me repeat. This was not Hot Water Music’s final show. They said so. Trust me.

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