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Excellent, timeless hardcore anthems that speak for generations of confused, disgusted and frustrated punks. “Against” says it all, “… Up against the whole world – I know/That’s the way it goes, I know/I choose my own road… “ What a great line! It’s one that rugged individualist pioneers of a hundred and fifty years ago could embrace. And it’s a good one for “kids,” like myself, who’ve all their lives chosen the roads they’ve taken – and lived with the consequences.

It seems, however, that the rest of the songs talk about hardcore unity, family and the people’s inability to take their lives into their own hands. This is fine, because the essence of hardcore is the extended family comprising the fans and the bands. It’s also about empowering each other to never give up in the fight for freedom, justice and the hardcore way. The other fine songs on this album include “Course for Destruction,” which is about not believing in yourself, “Revolve,” a great hardcore unity song, and “Regret,” which is about living with the fact that you get what you deserve. There’s a David Lee Beowulf anthem, eh?

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