Baby Sounds

Baby Sounds

Various Artists


This is the most amazing ambient record ever! Tinkly backgrounds accentuated by the sounds of babies, bath time, play time, even a couple extended remixes for those nightly chill-out sessions (both a piano and a bass-heavy dub heartbeat scorcher) with some amazing snoring vocals to get the listener “in the mood.”

But do the kids like it? My daughter (now 21 months) seems to like Rhino’s reissue of the Superfly soundtrack better — she digs that “Pusherman” beat. I also tested this on our five-month old, but he seems to be either fascinated by everything or about to pass out, so I recorded no discernible effect. If you have kids, you should get this. Either it’ll calm them down, or it will aid you in pretending your kids really are sound sleepers. Rhino Records, 10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025;

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