Mindset Overhaul

Mindset Overhaul

Various Artists


The facts: Both labels have been churning out their enlightened brand of socially-conscious hardcore for the majority of this decade while their influence on the development of NYC’s crucial scene precedes their endeavors. Case in point is that this compilation spanning 30 tracks is available for a measly $5 postpaid to your doorstep. Whaddya think about that, punk?

The bands? Yuppiecide, Monstorous, Bad Trip Intellectual, Silent Majority, Melodic, SFA, A Cultish Following of Anarchists, Madball, World-Renowned. That’s just the bands that I am familiar with, and that goes back nearly six years. The newer acts are probably better. Looking for the real? What are you waiting for poser? Buy or continue to live your own sold out lie. Essential for fans of this fiercely dedicated genre. Utterly mad. Exit Records, P.O. Box 263, New York, NY 10012

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