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Natural Calamity

Peach Head


Tokyo, exuberantly embracing tomorrow’s technology, has given rise to a lazy folk-rock groove! You can still have all you want of Pizzicato Five, United Future Organization or Ken Ishii, but save some room for swigging back some Natural Calamity. Peach Head is the American debut of the Tokyo artists Shunji Mori and Kuni Sugimoto. They have previously released two other albums that featured only instrumentals. However, with the addition of American vocalist Stephanie Heasley, Natural Calamity is ready to seduce audiences worldwide. Peach Head was purposely made with poolside ethics and cocktail politics. Dip your body into the deep base loops and guitar undertow of “And That’s Saying a Lot” or “In the Wee Wee Time,” two of the album’s best tunes. Perhaps to entice the butt-crack generation, the Dust Brothers and Kool Keith were brought in to rework some tracks. Natural Calamity is anything but misfortune. It’s stress-free living with glass in hand! Something we all could use a little more of. NICKELbag Records, 3512 W. Sunset Blvd. #200, Los Angeles, CA 90026;

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