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Mentallo and the Fixer

Mentallo and the Fixer Meets Mainesthai


Mentallo and the Fixer have long been one of several dark electro groups that always gets the floor pumping with energy. Very few bands can guarantee this will happen in the few industrial clubs around the United States. On Meets Mainesthai, we are treated to 13 remixes that put the originals to shame. It must be noted that the only difference between Mentallo and Mainesthai is the addition of Michael Greene in Mainesthai. The remixes of “Rapid Suffocation” and “Sacrilege” are amazing, and I’d rather dance to them than the originals any day. My head is still spinning with the acoustical version of “Battered States of Euphoria,” with all the reverb and panning. If you’ve never dared to walk down the path of the Dassing brothers’ music, this would be a very good album to enter on. Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105;

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