The Dirtbombs

The Dirtbombs

Horndog Fest

In The Red

Yet another primary color of In the Red’s spectrum of sleaze. It’s hard to put a bead on this band, ’cause the Dirtbombs’ main asset is their versatility. Although the major thrust of the music can be summed up as lo-fi, punk rhythm an’ blues, various tracks are sci-fi-inspired surf-garage-punk, hardcore punk, a nod to Sly and the Family Stone, and even the Birthday Party (?!?!?!). Some of the meanest and nastiest stylings of music infesting the years between ’66 and ’81 (with stronger leanings to the former), all done with great proficiency. But these boys definitely ain’t afraid to break things down a noisy, sloppy mess. No surprises there, considering they come from the bosom which gave rise to the Stooges and MC5. Motor City Rock’n’Roll Jams, Muthahfuckah!! An intoxicated release ’bout the intoxicated, from the intoxicated, for the intoxicated. In The Red, 2627 E. Strong Pl., Anaheim, CA 92806

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