Dom and Roland

Dom and Roland


Moving Shadow

Dark, two-steppin’, gritty, rolling bass lines. If that wasn’t enough, try sci-fi samples, lo-fi, abrasive bass lines, a hair-raising vocal, assistance by Optical, and more grit. Deep industrial sounds that have dirt, grease, and sand engulfing them as they pan across the stereo field. Don’t know what the hell I am talking about? Then you probably don’t know two step. Ever heard of Amen? If you are curious or just dedicated to the evolution of D&B, this is a good place to start. For those of you following drum & bass, you may pick up on this in a couple of months. For those that look for innovation and evolving styles, you may have been waiting for this one. I see the future of Jungle getting grittier, darker, harder, and more straightforward than ever before. I hear no more 303s and I hear less and less of the recognizable 808s. I see pioneers like Dom & Roland, Ed Rush & Optical, Decoder, Grooverider, and Johnny L moving into the unexplored.

This is a exciting album for fans of the dark, rolling two step; don’t miss it, it’s a taste of the future!

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