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In the comfort of their homeland, Germany, Project Pitchfork has amassed a large underground following throughout their musical career. However, this “warm reception” was not duplicated in the USA. The band’s newest release, EON:EON , is Project Pitchfork’s poorest effort to date. Many fans of their older material will recall intelligent lyrics and powerful musical programming. With EON:EON , all creativity, desire, ambition, and effort is vacant. From the embarrassing opening track “Carnival” to the absurd “Steelrose,” Project Pitchfork disappoint at every turn.

With minimal programming and sound design, EON:EON lacks the most essential of elements to any successful album; a climax. While pressing the next track button on my CD player, my ears longed for something that grabbed my attention. Instead, I grew sleepier and increasingly bored with each song. Lyrics such as “Wasted earth yellow sand no chance to live hopes have vanished the drought makes me dream,” are a good example of the bands’ lazy approach to making this album. “The Carnival” simply drags on like a desperate musical piece looking for a purpose. “Hunted,” the albums third track, is a prime example of the bands’ lack of enthusiasm, energy and drive; all necessary components towards the evolution of an artist. Track four, entitled “Resist,” offers the following unintelligible message; “You controlled me long enough your sick instructions ruined enough computed dreams are not what I want we will end it here and now somehow.”

Maybe there is some hidden meaning to these songs, which are only known to Project Pitchfork. This would seem normal if EON:EON ‘s sole audience were Project Pitchfork. However, since music is a product to be shared, exploited, and marketed to music buyers everywhere, a wider lyrical appeal and harder effort on the band’s part is to be expected. What you can expect from this release is a good nights sleep. (Yawn).

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