Walter Clevenger and the Dairy Kings

Walter Clevenger and the Dairy Kings

Love Songs To Myself

Permanent Press

Clevenger writes some pretty damn fine pop songs. How damn fine? If you told me these were covers of obscure Nick Lowe, Beatles, and Cheap Trick tunes, I’d believe you. Straightforward in implementation, the vocals/lead/rhythm/bass/drums smoothly carry the fourteen tracks here, often venturing into the well-worn (but welcome) musical cliché: McCartney’s high-register bass lines, Cheap Trick’s “twist-the-knife” vocal flourishes, and Lowe’s melodic humor all stop by, like old friends passing through town. This is a record that digs in quickly, and is hard to stop listening to.

Permanent Press Recordings, 14431 Ventura Blvd, #311, Sherman Oaks , CA Permanent Press Recordings

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