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Hasil Adkins

Drinkin’ My Life Away

Shake It

You don’t get more hillbilly wildman than Hasil Adkins. This collection of recordings, hand-picked by Hasil hisself, sounds like it came live from Adkins’ kitchen, with someone shaking a box of rice and beating on the dish tub for counterpoint. Adkins’ tales of drinkin’, womanizin’ and rockin’ ring truer than I can express by dropping silent g’s, and you can bet your last mason jar of moonshine that these here are the true roots of rockabilly and a lot of rock and roll – not these songs or this performer in particular (though I could pick worse), but the unabashed catharsis that is much simplified by raking the hell out of your guitar and wailing at the moon. Check out “Chicken Wobble” and “Chocolate Milk Honeymoon” for a taste.

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