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Electric Frankenstein

How to Make A Monster


Looks like they’ve mixed some old blood in the form of singer Steve Miller on this new EF total 100% throw-the-switches album of punk rock. Thirteen (of course) new songs about stuff like chicks, being a monster, not liking society and the usual cerebral mayhem one expects. How To Make A Monster starts off with the quite appropriate “I Was A Modern Prometheus,” which must be about creating hot looking monster babes in one’s garage (along with playing punk rock). The other twelve numbers are just more and more fuel for these punk rock mad scientists who, when they’re not terrorizing the countryside, occasionally play to houses packed with old fart punk rockers. My ears were nearly pulled off by “Speed Girl,” “Use Me,” “Up From the Streets” and “Phatty Boom Batty.” The album is “enhanced,” which means, regardless of what kind of computer you have (Mac or one of those other things) you can surf through the history of Electric Frankenstein until the sun come up. The only drawback is that they neglected to include the phone number of the incredible Elsa Lancaster impersonator whose gorgeous body is placed strategically about the cover.

Victory Records, P.O. Box 146546, Chicago, IL 60614;

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