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Alex Taylor



This is a re-issue of a 1972 recording featuring Chuck Leavell and Jimmy Nalls of Sea Level fame. On this release, Taylor and company cover a variety of songs by the likes of Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, Chester (Howling Wolf) Burnett, Jessee Winchester, Stephen Stills, and Charlie Rich. Taylor has a strong and soulful voice that can approximate James Taylor at times, except that he’s rougher and rowdier than James. This is simply good old keyboard-driven white-boy blues. This recording actually stands the test of time pretty well, as do most of the very early “Southern Rock and Roll” releases. It’s the later stuff that ended up killing it for awhile. Toward the end of its cycle, it got to the point that some of the “Southern Rock and Roll Band” roadies started forming bands and recording, trying to get a piece of the demand that there was out there for this brand of music in the mid 70’s. It’s a shame that a lot of good stuff got buried under that burden.

Capricorn Records, 2205 State Street, Nashville, TN 37203

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