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The Process Of

Century Media

Just like the whole chocolate vs. peanut butter debate, we’ll never quite know who put who’s metal in someone else’s hardcore, and vice versa. Whatever the case, Turmoil’s The Process Of further erases the paper-thin line between the two like few other records have in recent years.

But that’s not such a bad thing, especially when the band picks up a full head of steam and rumbles along like a rusty, raging machine, in the process forcing the unwilling human punching bag (i.e., the listener) to focus on the sheer weight and intensity of the attack instead of convenient genre labels. And intense Turmoil’s attack is, the band never allowing an ounce of it to dissipate, thereby alienating those curious onlookers waiting for some breathing room, some dynamics, just something to make The Process Of slightly more swallowable.

In the mutually inclusive worlds of heavy metal and hardcore, that’s just not going to happen, pal, so as The Breakfast Club ‘s Bender waxed eloquent, “you might as well just bury your head in the sand and wait for your fuckin’ prom.” Not to digress or anything…

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