These Hands of Mine

Skin Graft

Mr. Quintron, with the aptly-named Miss Pussycat, churns the water with his Hammond Model D and reveals it to be pretty sweet-smelling despite its dark and coagulated texture. A set of eleven tracks (three covers, including the Champs’ “Meet Me at the Club House”), this is a set of plucky organ-bashing that brings back roller-rink memories, except I wasn’t drunk at the time and this does makes me feel a bit bottom-of-the-keg. If this were to be played at an actual rink, they’d probably be hosing off the tile and scrubbing the blood off the wheels. I’d have to say that These Hands of Mine is somewhat uneven, especially after The Lonesome Organist’s legendary Cavalcade , but as the Hammond equivalent of Jon Spencer’s sturm-und-drang guitar mangulation, it’s pretty much a guaranteed blast. Check out the advertorial “Drum Buddy,” extolling the virtues of Mr. Quintron’s new electronic percussionist and promising additional Drum Buddy rockness in upcoming albums. Can’t wait!

Skin Graft Records, P.O. Box 257546, Chicago, IL 60625

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