The Delgados

The Delgados


Beggars Banquet

Masters of Scottish poppery the Delgados return with a crafty collection of eleven tracks, carefully designed to insinuate their way into your daily life, echoing and repeating in your head long after the sound stops. As has been typical with the last couple Delgados outings, I was greatly disappointed with Peloton ‘s initial uncatchiness. It wasn’t long before it became indispensable. “The Arcane Model,” with its openly simple chords and unwavering melody, was constantly humming through my head. The wobbling beat of “Clarinet” works out pretty well as a soft voice dances with a bass. “Repeat Failure” and “Russian Orthodox” shatter the peace with jagged shards of sound and fury reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine.

Beggars Banquet, 580 Broadway, Suite 1004, New York, NY 10012

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