The Gangsters

The Gangsters

A New Beginning


I’m continually impressed at how Beatville is quietly establishing itself as a solid little ska label. They’ve notched several wins (Eastern Standard Time, Bim Skala Bim’s odds n’ sods collection) in a short time, and here’s another that fits nicely into the “W” column. The Gangsters play a solid, 2-Tone influenced (but not obsessed) brand of ska, tastefully accented with bright horns, smooth keys, and blue-eyed-soulful vocals from singer Patrick Colton. Extra points for bringing the political element back into the ska on tracks like “Cardboard City,” “Mistaken Identity,” and “Easy Life”” — it’s something all too few bands are doing thse days. Other highlights include “Rude Boyz,” the bubblegummy “Jackie,” the atmospheric “Lead Your Own Life,” and the reggae-influenced “Jamaican Shuffle.” Not bad for a bunch of boys from Dublin!

Beatville Records LLC, P.O. Box 42462, Washington, DC Beatville Records LLC;

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