Punk Atlanta

Punk Atlanta

Various Artists

Downside Up

Unless you actually live in a city, it’s hard to have a clue as to what their scene is really like. A lot of good music is being made that just never makes it out. If someone gives you a peek under the surface, you see there’s a lot of activity going on. Compilations like this help out a lot. I’m from central Florida. I have no clue as to what’s going on in Atlanta besides a few bands here and there. Out of the twenty-one bands on here, I had only previously heard Whippersnapper and Go For Broke. Twenty-six tracks in all, focusing on punk rock and ska-punk. Favorite surprises were by Nuclear Saturday (twice) and Stool Sample.

Downside Up Records, P.O. Box 5883, Atlanta, GA 31107; downsideup@hotmail.com

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