The Donnas

The Donnas

Get Skintight


My favorite garage slut punks are back! Let me first say this: how come they aren’t a target of Janet Reno since they’re been featured in a couple of “teen” movies – with the evil “R” rating, no less?!

Aside from the late-teen posturing and the fact that they should, each one of them, at least go out on a date with me, Get Skintight is a terrific lo-fi punk album, just perfect to confuse the hell out of anyone trying to get a grip on what is “punk” at the end of the century. Their songs “Skintight,” “Hook It Up,” “Doin’ Donuts,” “Get Outta My Room,” and “Searching the Streets,” are material for a late-Nineties punk rock girl’s reformatory. Where the heck where these babes when I was in high school? Sheesh, according to “Party Action,” a song about teen parties turning into orgies, the kids today are re-writing the Kama Sutra !

Then there’s the obligatory wink to teen “ballads” with the still punk “You Don’t Call,” “Zero,” and “I Didn’t Like You Anyway,” the latter, had it happened to me in real life (never…) would’ve garnered a couple of black eyes — minimum — on the bitches (disclaimer: I’m writing this from a seventeen-year-old’s perspective; anyone who know me understands that in actuality I have the emotional maturity of a fourteen year old).

Topping it off is their cover of Mötley Crüe’s “Too Fast For Love,” that ought to get them noticed by the “rockers” out there. And by the way, Donnas (the band comprises four girls, all named “Donna”), you can reach me through the offices of Ink Nineteen . I’m a willing student, really.

Lookout! Records, P.O. Box 11374, Berkeley CA 94712-3374.

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