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The Slippery Ballerina

Various Artists


A quirky story for children, almost as quirky as its cast: Ian Dury, Wreckless Eric, Kevn Kinney, Moe Tucker and Rick Richards (Georgia Satellites). As our tale goes, theatrical agents Plymon and Ivey (Dury and W. Eric) attempt to cash in on child prodigy Monkey (Tucker) who appears to have a knack for dancing. Financial pressures are mounting at the Monkeyhouse, and soon we find a whole stable of people hitching their financial wagons to Monkey’s talent.

The parable of the entertainment industry, like classic Simpsons episodes, works on two levels, one for the kids and one for the grownups. The mix of music, story and Jack Logan’s artwork is guaranteed to keep kids fascinated, and the adults will enjoy the in jokes sprinkled throughout.

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