Panty Raid

Panty Raid

with Astrid Oto

Sluggo’s, Pensacola, FL • August 15, 1999

Any band that uses flying panties as a logo can’t be all bad, so I braved the humidity to check out Panty Raid. There were two bands on the bill of the twilight kiddie show, Panty Raid and Asheville, NC’s Astrid Oto. Astrid Oto hammered out at least two chords a song as their singer, Cindy, attacked with her politically charged lyrics belted out in an edgy, aggressive delivery. Their set was short and quite potent. Panty Raid, from Oakland, CA, quickly set up, and the trio pumped out their songs with equal conviction, but far more polish that Astrid Oto. Panty Raid’s singer and guitarist, Jüne Bug, with his effeminate vocal delivery, was in stark contrast to Cindy from Astrid Oto, with her Exene/Kathleen Hanna inspired style. Jüne Bug takes far more from David Johanssen. Well you can’t beat it. Two good bands in under an hour.

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