The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World

Sub Pop

Although this “greatest hits” assemblage has been available for about two months now, here is a reminder in case you were just rescued from Muslim militants or returning from an East Timor holiday. Otherwise, you should be publicly flogged if you haven’t added this Supersuckers best-of to your “A-list” record collection.

Sure, the Sub Pop crew could have taken the easy way out and compiled only the faves from such classic ‘Suckers as Hell City Hell , La Mano Cornuda , or Sacrilicious . Instead, they released the most concise and complete legacy of the Supersuckers’ hell-bent, bar brawling rock possible. Even the novice listener can now travel through the past decade of mayhem like a groupie.

Not only does Greatest Rock Band include two new tracks (“Givin’ it Away” and “Beat to Shit”), but Sub Pop dug even deeper to revive the hard-to-find Ice Cube cover “Dead Homiez” and the Stones tune “Before They Make Me Run” (with Steve Earle). Willie Nelson even gets into the act, as the boys cover his “Bloody Mary Morning.” And if THAT weren’t enough, they pulled a great rocker (“Psyched Out”) from the Baseketball soundtrack. Throw in classics like “Ron’s Got the Cocaine” and “She’s My Bitch,” among others, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

You’re probably saying to yourself “What’s the catch? All this great music on one CD? Is there any club to join? Is this a multi-level marketing scheme?” Heck no, just be thankful the good folks at Sub Pop were gracious enough to share ten years of the Supersuckers in one sweet package! Write ’em and tell ’em THANKS!!!

Sub Pop Records, 1932 First Ave., Suite 1103, Seattle, WA 98101;

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