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Rise 13: Magick Rock Vol. 1

Various Artists

The Music Cartel

Heavy compilation of stoner bands put together by Cathedral frontman Lee Dorian, the metal hippie. The bands: Unida, Orange Goblin, Acrimony, Brag Pack, Spirit Caravan (yay!), Sheavy, Hangnail, Goatsnake, Solarized, Sally, Shallow, Electric Wizard, and 13 (who are the 13th band, playing the 13th track, playing a song called “13”). On the cover is erotic metal chick, Nickey Sixx Sixx Sixx. A great concept highlighting some of the best stoner metal bands of the day and a good introduction to heavy music.

The Music Cartel, 106 West 32nd Street, 3rd Floor, New York City, NY 10001;

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