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Angry Punk for Urban Skunx

Various Artists (45 Revolutions). Review by David Lee Beowülf

Angry Punk for Urban Skunx

Various Artists

45 Revolutions

Feisty, snot-nosed collection of great, serious punk rock. The album features mostly Oi! bands with many years of experience like Adolf and the Piss Artists, Anti-Heroes, the Templars, the Varukers, Peter and the Test Tube Babies (bravo!), and Disorderly Conduct (mk II, that is). There’s also the Bald Vultures, Blame, the Boils, Bomb Squadron, Bricks and Bottles (that’s a lot of “B’s”), Drones, Firing Squad, N.O.T.A., Rejections, Violent Society, and Whatever. Best of all is the attitude of the label: “The songs on this album are property of the bands, but feel free to tape it for your friends.” Go punk!

45 Revolutions Records, P.O. Box 2568, Decatur, GA 30031

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