As Friends Rust

As Friends Rust

Self Titled


This five song CD EP from Gainesville, Florida, pushes out strong powerhouse punk guitar sneers. At times, I hear an almost Henry Rollins sneer, or some eighties-touched hardcore blast through the harder edge of what once was emo. With members having been in bands such as Morning Again and Culture, this band definitely holds some history between their fingers, but they don’t rely on that. They move forwards, stretching from slow gutter dark dynamics to a screaming energy that doesn’t end until after the last song stops, and it stops way too soon. It looks like a full length will be coming out in the next couple of months, so until then, these songs will have to do. That highway drum beat, those speeding car guitars, the drive of the bass line, and the vocals steering it all. I’m learning how to fly.

Doghouse Records, P.O. Box 8946, Toledo, OH 43623;

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